“I’m really happy for the first time in many years, thank you Mike! Plus it’s done wonders for my fibromyalgia haven’t had a flare up since December.”

“The term was long enough and the material given was at times challenging, but always fun and with your laid-back instructing everything was very easily grasped.”

“You made this class very fun and easy to learn. You’re very patient instructor and I appreciate these past nine months with you.”

“I thought the length of the term was just right. I felt the material was presented well, good repetition of key principles, timed well, open discussions and shared ideas or questions. Techniques I found particularly helpful; quiz show style Q&A (especially with teams- takes some of the pressure off), Clay on skeletons… very visual and hands-on learning, viewing cadaver footage, two-person massaging with instructor- mimicking movements. I was impressed with your ability to work with a variety of learning styles of your students adapting your teaching methods to accommodate each person.”

“I think of course was good with the amount of time spent here. I like the way we went through the material. We spent extra time on all the things we needed to.”

“The time spent here was a lot of fun for me. I can’t wait to learn more. Thank you it’s, been a pleasure.”

“I do believe the time was spent well. I do appreciate the extra time for written and practical exams when needed. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“For me, the schedule, length and duration of the class were just right. Since I work full time, it made it easier for me to continue to work, and still complete the course. There is a LOT of information to learn in a short period of time, and you really only get to learn the surface of the profession which is just enough to get you started. But I realize education is not over when the class is complete, it’s an ongoing process and I look forward to continue my education in Massage Therapy with clinics and workshops. Overall, I feel all of my goals have been met at this point and I am looking forward to starting my career in Massage Therapy.” ~ Kelly Schultz

“I am grateful that this school exists, and it met my goals…”

“Oh, believe me I was challenged enough!”

“I am overall very pleased that I came here. I feel confident to go out and start my own business”

“I enjoyed your teaching style…it’s very sad that we’re done.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I feel that it offers a comprehensive background/introduction into the world of Swedish massage. I feel adequately prepared as an entry-level massage therapist, to enter the real world in this profession from the training I have received here.”

“The one on one guidance of the instructor was always very helpful. Overall I’m happy with what I learned and understand that my education does not end at the conclusion of the course. The light hearted atmosphere was enjoyable. I am confident in my ability to proceed into the professional practiced of massage with what I have learned. Thank you!” ~Bryan Jung

“I really, really enjoyed the course and am so glad I signed up for it. I am really excited to begin my career as a massage therapist. I do feel that I was challenged plenty on material we did cover.”

“When I first started here, I was pretty unsure of a lot of things in my life… Especially on what I wanted to do. After the first 2 weeks, my entire attitude changed. This class was great. It was the perfect amount of time; the material met my goals and objectives. I felt I was really challenged…”

“I felt the class was a good length. I did feel challenged at times; to the point that I was disappointed in my ability.”

“I can’t believe how fast this has gone by, and I love what I’ve learned. I’m excited to go out and do it!”

“This has actually been one of my best experiences. I always hated school but, I loved this class. I think it is because of the relaxed atmosphere and small class. I also believe it’s because I am doing something that interests me. I feel the length of class was fine. I like the material and I felt challenged, but not over-stressed.”

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